What You Say About Your Cleaning Proposal AND How You Say It

We went to church on Sunday. The reader walked up to the alter and stood behind the podium.

He then read that day’s verses from the bible.

Only problem was… he spoke so quickly and quietly, very few of us in the congregation could hear or understand what he was saying.

Content wasn’t the problem. It was substantial, powerful words – from the bible.

So, WHAT he said wasn’t the problem.

HOW he said it – was.

I don‘t bring this up to point out the shortcomings of a church lecture.

Quite to the contrary – he should be commended for volunteering, for ‘getting involved’, for helping.

Nope, it’s not a question of blame rather, it’s a question of opportunity – or more specifically, a missed one.

In this case, the missed opportunity was to reach, connect with and/or inspire EVERYONE in the church with that Sunday’s powerful message from scripture.

So, often it’s not just WHAT you say, it’s HOW you say it.

Next, let’s look at the neighborhood kid selling used golf balls in his yard, near the golf course.

What could be more dull?

Well, turns out…

the way he does it, it’s NOT dull at all.

Nope, this young go-getter is out with his red wagon, bright and early displaying his golf merchandise – ‘used golf balls’, individually scrubbed clean – in good shape, by brand, available in ‘grocery store’ bags of a dozen – or individually.

And, to hear the youngster enthusiastically explain in detail how he finds them, cleans them and organizes them – draws you in to the youngster’s message.

You buy the balls NOT just to have a few more gold balls to toss in your bag, but RATHER because of his STORY, his ENTHUSIASM; or just to play you’re playing a small part in encouraging him to continue on with his positive attitude toward life.

Yep, it’s about a WHOLE lot more than golf balls.


Well, of course, because of HOW the salesperson delivered their message – in this case, genuinely, personally and with enthusiasm.

What does this have to do with selling cleaning services?

Well, as you can imagine – plenty, not least of which is – to remember it’s not just WHAT we say, it’s HOW we say it.

You Can Do This, You REALLY Can!


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