HOW and WHEN to Follow Up on a Cleaning Proposal

So far so good.

You got the lead, met the prospect, did your walk-through and delivered the bid.

NOW what – or, more specifically:

What should you do, and when should you do it.

Ok, let’s talk strategy…At the appointment, when you’re delivering and explaining your bid, there’s something you need to do before leaving.

It’s this – agree on a plan.

That’s right, before leaving the meeting be sure to agree on a schedule for what’s going to happen next.

Do they need a couple days to go through the plan slowly and carefully?

Do they need to contact someone in accounting to see what they’re paying now?

Do they need to get their boss’ approval?

Do they want to contact several references?

ALL those steps are fine, BUT, you want to know 1) what they are 2) how long they’re going to take



So, you can set up the next step: when YOU should plan/schedule following- up, reconnecting.

End of the week? Fine. Another week? Fine.

The time frame isn’t critical (although, of course, you’d like it to be shorter vs. longer)

No, the main thing is that you can schedule the follow up – you can have a plan of ‘NEXT ACTION’.

Plus – it sends the message that ‘you are a busy professional – just like they are.’ That your time is valuable to. That your services are valuable and desirable.

So, once, you agree on the what and the when, you can go back to your office, update your notes and schedule the follow up.

That’s it – you’re done, until the appt.

(NOTE: It doesn’t mean you’re not available if a question comes up in the meantime, BUT it establishes a time frame for decisions)

Good news – NOW, rather than endlessly worrying about them – you can focus on other activities, other prospects.


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