When Should I Call Back – Part 2

Last time, we tackled the question of when to call back after we deliver a janitorial or residential cleaning bid.

Today, let’s look at the, maybe even more important question, of what to say when you do call back.

I hope, by now, you’re beginning to see a pattern develop in how we suggest you approach marketing and selling situations.

It’s a pattern based on a belief that the answers to nearly every marketing and selling question lies in ONE THING

…knowing your customer!

That’s right, as much as you can, as completely as you can – know your customer inside and out.

What they like and don’t like, what they have been through, what they want now, what they’re looking for in the future… everything!


Because, if we can understand our the building owners and property managers at the places we want to clean, the better our chance of creating a cleaning program they’ll love – customized to them. For example,

Our cover letter shouldn’t be a short boring page about how great we are, but rather a crystal clear explanation of how we, more than any other cleaning contractor, understand their building and what they want.

Our walk through…same thing! From taking detailed measurements and notes about every inch of their building to asking detailed questions about what they want from their cleaning service, it should be clear that they are not just another bid to us.

So, what should you say when you call back? As you might have guessed, the answer is:

All those things, that let them know you’ve been listening, paying attention, and understand what they want.

So, you may find yourself asking them:

–If they’ve had any new questions come up from reviewing it with other managers involved in the decision process.

-If, after having more time to review it, they still felt like the program addressed all the specifics they wanted in the cleaning proposal.

-If they had time to call any of your references, and did they have any questions from those conversations.

-If they had time to review the monthly price for the commercial cleaning bid or the per visit price for the residential cleaning, maid service program – to see if there was any further adjusting or “tweaking” needed for budgetary reasons.

In all your questions and comments, be as specific as you can about their building, their issues – and, of course, your solutions.

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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