Where Cleaning Businesses Can Find Time

I don’t have the time.

I can’t find the time.

There’s never enough time.

We’ve all heard people say these things – you may have even found yourself saying them once or twice.

We all feel it, don’t we – the pressure of trying to get everything done – fit it all in to our day.

The challenge is real; finding a way to get to all the things coming at us from all directions – and all of them screaming, ‘Choose me! choose me!’

And it would be fine just to dismiss it, saying, that’s just the way life is – everyone is scrambling to find time – so, better just get used to it.

The problem is, of course, we want more.

We want more from our life – more from our business.

You have goals -and you probably have those goals for many parts of your life including your health, family and business.

So, how you gonna do it?

How are you going to get it all done?

Well, since we’re all human – my guess is you’re not.

Really. You’re probably never going to get to all of it, because as soon as you reach one goal – you’ll have another.

So, I can’t promise you’ll reach all of the goals you’ll ever set for yourself, but what I can promise, is that you’ll have a much better chance of reaching many of them, if you do certain things.

Now, those things are many and varied – ranging from prioritizing and organizing, to delegating and leveraging.

But, today, let’s just look at one very practical thing we can do to find more time to reach our goals – specifically, turning wasted minutes into valuable hours.

Where are these wasted minute?

Well, here’s the answer: In the ‘in between’ time!

For example, ‘in- between’ getting to the bid and actually going into the building.

Maybe like you, I always made sure to arrive to many out-of-town bids early – so I’d have plenty of time to find the building and ask for directions if I got lost. It happens, right.

Anyway, most of the time, I found the building ok, so I’d sometimes have a half an hour or so before my appointment.

That’s a 30 full minutes of ‘in-between’ time!

I didn’t waste it.

I’d bring a list of prospects – and call them from my car.

Or I’d finish writing a letter I wanted to send to our mailing list.

Or I’d contact a jan/san supplier about a piece of equipment we need to start a new account.

I’d use the ‘in between” time to get things done.

You can too.

Try to start seeing any ‘break in the action’ as a possible in-between opportunity.

And the key to taking advantage of them is – preparation.

Specifically, be sure to be prepared by having what you need with you to be productive in case you end up faced with a short or not so short in-between time.

Using these times as opportunities isn’t in itself going to get you to all your goals, but it’s a start – and I’ll bet your competition’s not doing it.

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Thanks Greg! Wishing you all the best, Dan

Gregory POWELL

All good information. Especially love the word towards the end, Preparation. A mentor of mine says, Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. The result is usually a successful outcome. Thank you