Who Needs to Hire a Cleaning Business? Follow the Public

Want to know a trick for finding what places need a cleaning business?

Here it is: Follow the public!

That’s right, that’s where the cleaning is most needed and the hardest to do without.

Let me explain.

Today, many business seem to be obsessed with finding ways to cut costs to help their bottom line.

And, janitorial cleaning services are definitely on their radar.

In fact, some would say, services, like cleaning, can often be first to fall on the ‘chopping block’.

So, what can you do?

That’s right, in a world of cutting back on cleaning -how can you find good sources of new business.

Well, this leads us to today’s topic – Follow the public!

Let me ask you a question.

What’s more likely to be cut back;

A professional accounting office with maybe 7 to 8 office workers or a high-end restaurant with hundreds of customers each night – and needs to look great the very next day?

A small manufacturing company that rarely gets visitors, or a health club filled with the public at night -but has to look good again the very next day?

A local radio station or newspaper where the public rarely stops by or a medical or dental office where the public uses the facility all day, leaving it dirty – but needing to be ‘ready for the public’ again the very next morning?

I’m sure you get my point.

In general, businesses which are used regularly by the public – are often less likely to pull back or eliminate cleaning services than those businesses which are used only by employees.

Sure, there are exceptions.

Some business hold cleanliness to be of such a great value to their employees – they wouldn’t think of cutting back on the daily maintenance program.

And, that’s great.

But, there are many other businesses who would, and have, cut back sharply on their cleaning with the logic being that it doesn’t directly affect their customers.

Right or wrong – we have to understand, on some level, the business owner, who under financial pressure, decides to cut back on contracted cleaning services rather than let go any of his own employees.

– especially if he or she feels the public (their customers) would generally be unaware of the reduction.

I wish it didn’t have to be that way.

And in some States and in some industries, maybe things are ‘business as usual’ with little to no cost cutting.

But, where these measures are being taken, you may want to consider the advice of ‘follow the public!’ when trying to find new, viable sources of cleaning jobs.

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