Here’s WHY.

Because – CLEAN is within reach – within your control.

Now, if you were lucky enough to be born rich and have always been able to afford NEW – great.

But, for most of us, most days, most of the time – CLEAN is the strategy that’s available and affordable.

Funny though – not many utilize the CLEAN strategy.

Let me tell you a story…

Years ago, I used to know a rich family. The weird thing was – they would simply neglect taking care of their home (not cleaning, painting, basic maintenance etc.) until it got so bad they simply couldn’t stand it any longer.

Their answer?

They simply – ‘up and moved’ to a NEW house.

Hard to believe, I know, but I guess basic caring, cleaning and maintaining of their old house was – simply out of the question.

Sounded too much like work, I suppose. Anyway, that was their answer (to nearly everything) – buy NEW.

Now, that’s an alternative that for me, and I’m guessing for most, maybe for you too – was simply not an option.

But, that’s actually, a good thing; because, CLEAN is a better, more reliable strategy.

As my dad and mom would say, ‘You can’t

always have new, but you can always make sure what you do have (you, your clothes, your car, where you live) is kept clean.’

Smart parents. I know, and I was lucky to have them.

I’ll leave you with one last story…

My car isn’t new but I do get an annual car washing pass, so I’m able to get it cleaned as much as I’d like (up to once a day)

Crazy, I know, but I’m sort of a clean freak, so while I don’t clean it every day, I do have it washed regularly (more than most ‘normal’ people I suppose)

Anyway, I can’t tell you how many comments I get from people asking things like –

‘Is that a NEW car? Nope, but thanks for asking.

And, in Michigan winters, the difference between nearly all the cars on the road and a CLEAN car is pretty dramatic.

Same thing, of course, can hold true for:
– sales people’s appearance,
– company vehicles
– company offices
– cleaning equipment.

Makes sense, right?


You can do this, you really can!


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