Why Would You Hire Your Cleaning Company?

I’m pretty sure you would answer with a confident – Absolutely! to the question of whether you would hire your cleaning company.

What I’m not so sure about is WHY you would answer yes, if I asked the question a different way….

Like this…

Why would you hire your company rather than the other competitors in your market?

Now, that’s a tougher question, isn’t it?

Don’t feel bad if the question set you back in your chair for a moment scrambling to come up with a solid reason.

It’s normal – but, normal doesn’t mean it’s good for your cleaning business.

Here’s the thing….

This is a question you’ll want to spend some time thinking about before answering.

This is a question you’re going to want to re-visit from time to time to see if your answers still ‘ring true’ and ‘hold up’ in a changing marketplace.

Now, there may be a time and a place where if you were honest, dependable and cleaned well – you may, in fact have stood out in your marketplace as THE company to go with.

Maybe the number of competitors were few – or weak.

But, that’s pretty unusual – and, even if it was possible, it’s not generally a competitive advantage that’s sustainable – something that holds up over time.

Plus, you’re going to want something that inspires your team;’ something to reach for, work towards.

And, you’re going to want the THING or THINGS that make your cleaning business stand out in a crowd of competitors – something that has LEGS.

That’s right, something so unique, hard-to-create and deliver that you’ll be able to:

Make it obvious in the mind of everyone that you’re different, noticeably different than your competitors.

And, you’ll want that difference to be hard to copy in a service business – so your uniqueness, the obvious reason to hire YOU and you alone- to stand up and serve you well – over time.

…a long time!

Achieve that and you’ll be anxious to hear the question WHY would you hire your cleaning company?

You Can Do This, You Really Can,


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