You’re Not In The Cleaning Business

That’s right, I’ll say it… You’re Not In The “Cleaning Business” least, that’s not the whole truth by a long shot!

Don’t get me wrong. I was always proud to own and operate a janitorial cleaning company. Always.

But, the idea that you or I are ‘just a cleaner too who happens to be running a cleaning business’ is only a small part a much bigger picture.

And if that’s the idea you have in your head, better get a new idea quick, or you’re going to severely limit how far and how fast you go in this business.

Let me tell you a story….

In the early days, Tony and I spent endless hours trying to learn every technical thing we could about cleaning; everything from the newest finish and stripper to the latest mop wringer and foaming quart bottle tip.

And we spent the bulk of our time cleaning, inspecting and making customer service calls and visits to clients.

And all of those things are great. It was the picture we had of what it meant to be in the cleaning business.

But, it wasn’t until we began to “change the picture” of what business we were really in, that things began to change…and fast!

That’s right, we began to “see” we were really in much more than simply a “cleaning business”.

That’s right, we began to see that we were really……in the people business!

That’s right, finding, training and motivating people.

And, it just so happened that the “thing” we need to hire, train and motivate them to do was – clean.

We began to realize that we were really …in the marketing of cleaning business!

That’s right, realizing we needed a burning, nearly obsessive commitment to growing, was just what the doctor ordered!

These may seem like small things; let me assure you – they’re not!

In fact, how you “see” things, can change what you decide to do– and that of course, changes everything.

When your eyes are staring down on SMALL day-to-day issues…obstacles in your way seem impossible to get over or through..

When your eyes are looking up and out at BIG future goals, obstacles in your way, while still there, seem more like little “hurdles” on your way towards the far off, but BIG, target in your sights!

So what, you may ask?

What difference will changing the way I “see” my business actually make in what I do today, or tomorrow?

Well, everything or nothing – depending on YOU.

But, let’s say, for example, that Cleaning Contractor #1 sees himself as “just another cleaning business” versus

Cleaning Contractor # 2 who sees himself, as “…a building service company committed to predictably reaching sales and profit targets by setting goals, planning strategy, implementing systems, and measuring results in all areas of the business, especially marketing and people development.”

Now, here’s the question:

Do you think if those are the two very different “pictures” in the minds of these two people all day long… they might decide to do very different things during any given day?

Yeah, I think so too.

You Can Do This, You Really Can,


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