Your Cleaning Business’ 10 Best Customers

What do I mean BEST?

Actually, good question.

Well, by ‘best’ I mean – the ones who always seem to generate healthy profits, happy customers and few ‘headaches’.

You know the ones, they seem to be right in that perfect cleaning account ‘burn zone’.

If you have 10 of them, great, but, if you only have 3, or 4 or 5 for now, that’s fine too.

The only reason I suggested 10 is because we want to see what they have in common – and well, the more there are, the easier it might be to spot patterns

Anyway, here’s what they might LOOK like:

A – They’re buildings where you are consistently able to keep your customer very happy.

We can assume they’re happy because you deliver a dependable and high quality service, but, we all know of times when we can fall short of that goal.

So, it may also be a result of factors such as:

– having a contact who you’ve known a long time, or

– being ‘blessed’ with a customer who is simply easy to get along with, reasonable in their expectations and appreciates the efforts of you and your staff.

B – You are able to easily and consistently keep the account staffed with quality people.

Now, this may be the result of any number of things from offering enough hours and days of cleaning to the employee to simply the location (easy to get to) and condition of the building (easy to keep clean).

C -They give you healthy profits every month.

This may be because you priced it right in the beginning – and are now able to keep it profitable by things such as watching budgeted hours.

D – They offer you the possibility of making even more money by delivering “extra” services.

These can range from selling consumable poly/paper restroom supplies to additional services, such as carpet, tile and window cleaning projects.

Let’s stop there. You get the idea.

Now that you’ve identified them, look for what they have in common.

The idea being – if you can find out what these BEST accounts have in common, you can target them.

Here’s an example, let’s say, in looking at your very best accounts, you find they’re nearly all manufacturing facilities, in small nearby towns or cities, where they require a minimum of 5 times per week service.

You may decide to find a list of manufacturing business within an hour of your office – and make that group a target for your marketing campaign.

Or, let’s say, you find your best accounts seem to consistently be professional office buildings between 10,000 to 50,000 sq. ft., which are located downtown.

Well, then the same logic applies…right? Right.

Targeting buildings sharing important qualities with your BEST current accounts is a great way to make your customer base – easier to manage and more profitable.

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